Platform is free to use. LightInTheBox only charges from merchants' sales revenue.

Based on our long-term global business experience, LightInTheBox's multiple-language service system provides a legal, compliant, fair and efficient global business platform.

LightInTheBox provides all your sales data. Moreover, we partially share the platform data of the whole platform for you to analyse the sales trend anytime anywhere and adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

Cooperation Process

(1) Register Account, Provide Company Information, Confirm Partnership

If you are from outside of China, please register a merchant account online. You can start to upload products once the registration has been completely verified.

(2) Upload New Products

Merchant can set sales price and upload product information & photos to the seller center. After the product has been verified by LightInTheBox, merchant can put products on sale or pull them off shelves. Customers can search, view and purchase products once they are on sale.

(3) Check LightInTheBox Orders

LightInTheBox provides overseas operation and customer service. Merchant can check order information on seller center once the products are purchased.

(4) Product Delivery

Merchants deliver products to LightInTheBox's warehouses based on the order information and we help complete rest of the shipment to customers around the globe.

(5) Payment Settlement

On LITB Global Seller Center, merchant can check real-time settlement details of products. The payment is settled according to the settlement date and account period.

Success story


1.What are merchant's qualifications?

Our merchants need to provide relevant business license that can prove the company is reliable and the brand is qualified. Such as, for electronic products, secure authentication is required.

2.As a cross-border merchant, is there any impact on the product sales if I can't understand the foreign languaages?

LightInTheBox provides multiple-language customer service to help you sell the products globally without worrying about language problem.

3.Are there any fees charged to a merchant?

Merchants are responsible for pricing. LinghtInTheBox do not charge settled fee, but extract 15% commission.

4.What's the payment term?

Merchant can check the real-time settlement details in system, and we will settle account for the payment of last month on 10th.

5.Is there any inventory storage fee? The products of placed order how to be delivered?

The inventory storage fee is charged by square feet and storage period. When you send your products of placed order to our warehouse, LightInTheBox will make uniform fulfillment which will save the cost for merchants and improve the customer experience.

6.Is there any specific requirement to upload the product pictures?

Pictures must have watermark and no infringement patterns
Street snap is only available for apparals category, and pictures for other product categories must have a white background.
Picture format: JPEG; Size: not smaller than 35K, and not bigger than 3M;
Main picture: Resolution must be higher than 500X500. And must be square picture.

7.If we want to make the barcode for our merchandise, what's your requirement to generate a barcode?

1) We support 4 types of mainstream barcode standard including EAN-13, Code39, Code128 and Codebar etc.
2) Barcode is formed by capital characters and numbers, and the punctuation and space are excluded. There is no length limit of the barcode, of which maxmum character size is 50.
3) The barcode meeting above requirements, should be scanned and emailed as attachment to us (LightInTheBox will identify the merchandise by barcode).
4) If the barcode can not meet above requirements, samples of it shoud be sent to our warehouse for testing so as to decide whether your barcode can be supported by our system.

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