By Managing billions of customers worldwide based on Big Data Marketing, LightInTheBox helps suppliers find business opportunities accurately and efficiently.

With multiple logistic solutions which covers more than 200 countries, LightInTheBox helps suppliers easliy achive market expansion.

As a NYSE-listed company, LightInTheBox provides complete and comprehensive e-commerce solutions with our mature experience.

Cooperation Process

(1) Register Account, Provide Company Information, Confirm Partnership

Register a supplier account on LITB seller center. For a successful registration, merchant needs to provide the following qualifications:

Required materials:

(1)Company business license (Latest version)

(2)Organization code

(3)Tax registration certificate

(4)Bank account permission

(5)Trademark certificate

(6)Brand letter of authorization

After registration, LightInTheBox investment manager will contact you for more details and confirm our partnership. Supplier can start to upload products once the registration has been completely verified.

(2) Upload Products

Supplier can upload product information & photos to the seller center and provide a relatively competitive purchase price for LITB. After the product verification, LightInTheBox will set the sale price and put products on sale. LightInTheBox will purchase products based on the sales.

(3) Check LightInTheBox Orders

Supplier can check order information on seller center.

(4)Product Delivery

Merchants deliver products to LightInTheBox's warehouses based on the order information and we help complete rest of the shipment to customers around the globe.

(5)Payment Settlement

The payment is settled according to the settlement date and account period.

Success story


1.What qualifications does a supplier need?

Our suppliers needs to provide relevant business license which proves the company is reliable and the brand is qualified (for electronic products, secure authentication is required).

2.Are there any fees charged to a supplier?

LightInTheBox do not charge any fee to suppliers, and will supply products with competitive price.

3.What about settle accounts of LightInTheBox?

LightInTheBox will povide a variety of settle acoounts for suppliers, such as settle monthly. Suppliers can choose to use USD account or RMB account to receive the payment. LightInTheBox settles to suppliers' nominated account on time, without requiring any request.

4.Are there any storage fee? How to deliver products?

LightInTheBox do not charge any storage fee. Suppliers just need to delivery products to LightInTheBox's warehouses and LightInTheBox will help suppliers to complete products shipment.

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